Added sugar can have disastrous effects on your health when consumed in excess and most people consume sugar in excess. If not you; look around at your coworkers and see how much soda they consume in one workday. The amount is staggering.

Here are 8 reasons to avoid soda like the plague.

  1. Sugary drinks don’t make you feel full and are strongly linked to weight gain – The brain was designed to regulate calorie intake. If you eat more of one food (like potatoes), you should automatically eat less of something else. That’s the body working as it was designed however; liquid sugar (soda) is consumed on top of the total calorie intake. Because you don’t feel full from drinking the sugary drink, you drink more and you add a higher amount of sugar calories, as much as 17% more, leading to weight gain.
  1. Excess amounts of sugar turn into fat in the liver – Sugar is composed of two molecules – glucose and fructose. Every cell in the body can metabolize glucose however only the liver can metabolize fructose.  Read the labels and you will find them riddled with sucrose and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), which are nearly 50% fructose. When too much is consumed, the liver becomes overloaded and turns the fructose into fat.
  1. Sugar dramatically increases belly fat – Sugar consumption makes you prone to storing more body fat around the belly and organs. This is known as visceral fat, or belly fat and it is harder to decrease.
  1. Sugary soda can cause insulin resistance – Insulin’s role is to drive glucose from the bloodstream into cells. Soda intake causes the cells to become resistant to the effects of the insulin. As a result, the pancreas makes even more insulin to remove the glucose so insulin levels in the blood go up, also known as being insulin resistant.  Being insulin resistant is a huge factor behind metabolic syndrome, which is a stepping-stone towards type-2 diabetes and heart disease.
  1. Soda lacks essential nutrients – Soda gives empty calories and contains absolutely no essential nutrients, no vitamins, no minerals, noantioxidants and no fiber. They are great however, at adding excessive amounts of sugar to your daily “food” intake.
  1. Sugar can cause leptin resistance – Several studies have linked sugar intake to Leptin resistance in rats and remember, leptin signals you that you are full in order to stop eating.