Rescue the American Dream (RAD)

RAD_logo_largeEvery family deserves to take part in the American Dream of home ownership and wealth building. Rescue the American Dream (RAD) was created to ensure that no family is left behind.

The housing crash did its part in wiping out the wealth and erasing the middle class due to the high number of foreclosures; putting the dream out of reach for many.  We understand the impact that home ownership has on a family and a community and we have taken a RADical approach to the entire process in an effort to not only provide affordable homes but also rebuild and unite communities across the country. RAD is committed to the dream.

By offering FREE counseling programs, a Home Buyers Club, investor options, fully renovated homes and finance options, RAD serves current and potential homeowners with their home ownership needs. Our programs and services are designed for ANYONE wanting to purchase an affordable home, overcome obstacles in paying their current mortgage, invest in real estate and so much more. 

Some of our major goals are to increase home ownership, improve the villages (neighborhoods), provide training programs in home repair and stimulate small business growth in the community.  By accomplishing these goals we create responsible homeowners, increase the tax base, stimulate the economy, build wealth and better communities reigniting people’s belief in the American Dream!