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Red Dot Bags logoIt’s me, Crystal Gunn! Thanks again for being a part of my squad. It means everything to me!

I believe it is imperative that we do our part to give light to the rest of the world. We must do something to make a social difference – you know, to “Take Back Your Power Socially”!

My personal social campaign is “Red Dot BagsTM” and it is the thing that brings me so much joy.

I knew I wanted to do something and the original concept was to make Lunch Bags for the homeless and distribute weekly and then I read an article in the Huffington Post ( and knew immediately that the bags needed to contain feminine sanitary supplies instead and after that, Red Dot Bags were born.

Each bag contains a supply of feminine sanitary supplies and a Red Dot (circular) Notecard with a hand written inspirational message.

I have donated bags to Capuchin Soup Kitchen for their Shower Program for the homeless and Vista Maria for their girls, which stay on campus and are wards of the State, WeAreOne CommunityUnity as they feed the homeless weekly and the NOAH Project for their weekly feed the homeless programs. The 2016 goal is to donate at least 1,000 Bags per month, wherever needed. The 2017 goal is 3,000 Bags per month.

I would absolutely love it if you would like to join me in this campaign. Your donations would allow me to continue to donate to the organizations listed above as well as include additional organizations in the future. Plus feel free to advise of organizations that you would like to receive Bags.

Monetary donations are welcome but actual supplies are preferred.

Here is the supply list of my favs (just click the link):

You can have them shipped directly to me at

Crystal Gunn, 7310 Woodward Ave. #704, Detroit MI 48202

If you would like to promote this campaign in your area, email me at  and let’s get it going!

Thank you in advance!

Make it Amazing!

Crystal Gunn

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