The Power of 7

Every second of each day, another person gives up his/her financial power. When you give away your financial power, others have the ability to control you, use you and take advantage of you.

When you give a way your financial power, you have no ability to produce and you have no authority or influence. Someone else is dictating to you how much you earn, how much you keep and the type of lifestyle for you and your family!

The Power of 7 graphic_000001This workshop focuses on what I call The Power of 7: Budgeting,
Credit, Income/Giving, Savings/Investment, Real Estate, Retirement & Legacy!


The Power of 7 was created to ensure that you regain and KEEP your financial power and that you have the necessary tools to teach your children so they may KEEP their financial power throughout their lives, teaching the same concepts to their children, leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Reasons to Reclaim Power Financially

  1. The current political and racial climate across the world, especially the United States.
  2. Your children – your legacy
  3. Your Independence is determined by it
  4. Prosperity is your birthright

How can you take the first step in Reclaiming Your Power Financially?

  1. Come to a FREE workshop. You can REGISTER here for SOUTHFIELD or INKSTER (choose which date you want to attend)!
  2. No workshop in your area, NO PROBLEM, you can purchase the 40 Day Workbook and work at your own pace.
    1. FLAWLESS (for women)
    2. Man, Money & Power (for men)

The Power of 7 is for ANYONE wanting to improve his/her financial situation! No matter where you are financially, this campaign will help you reach higher levels!

To schedule a Power of 7 Workshop call 248-633-8575 or email .