ebatesThis has to be one of my favorites because I actually get paid to shop! Now, I am NOT a big shopper. You are not going to catch me in the mall every weekend, shopping til I drop! My daughter on the other hand – could live at the mall.

When you register with Ebates, you actually get cash back on purchases, which they will pay out to you every 3 months. That is like getting an unexpected blessing. It only makes sense because you are shopping anyway.

I have seen cash back at high as 14%. It’s incredible.

Here is another bonus. When you get ready to check out, Ebates scours ALL the coupons and applies the applicable ones to your order further helping you save. WHAT???

Ebates pays members for shopping online AND provides members with the best deals and coupons! Doesn’t get any better.

Register here, it’s FREE!   Get your kids involved. Make it a challenge. Shop! Save! Earn!

Happy Shopping!