Top 5

top-5.jpgLet’s take an extremely close look at what is in the Top 5 “foods” that you and your family consume.

Go back to the Dirty 30 & put a STAR by the TOP 5 items consumed by you and your family.

STEP 1: Pull the family together – the children should have their phones

STEP 2: List the TOP 5 ”foods” that you and your family consume (from the Dirty 30), on the The Dirty 30 Top 5 sheet

Once you have them listed,

STEP 3: List the ingredients from the labels for each “food” item

STEP 4: Do an Internet search for each one of the ingredients to find out EXACTLY what they are. If you have children, allow them to do the search and read aloud what they find.

Discuss the ingredients. Here are some questions that can guide the discussion:

  • How many different added sugars are listed?
  • Is this ingredient a chemical? If so what is it used for and what other products is it in?
  • Would you eat the ingredient by itself (not in any “food” item)? Why or why not?
  • What can you replace this “food” item with that omits this ingredient?
  • Are you willing to omit or try something different?

Let discussion morph, as it will. Encourage your children to offer their opinions freely.

Enjoy the discussion and realize that you are allowing them to shape their eating habits instead of forcing new habits onto them

Plus, you should be making great memories.

STEP 5: Celebrate your success of completing this task.

Share your experience and great comments by your children in the FB Group using #TopFiveDiscussion

Don’t forget to celebrate after you have completed this task! The celebration is just as important as completing the task!