Dirty 30 Shopping List

shopping-list-749278_640It’s now time to create the New and Improved Dirty 30 Shopping List. This is where you start to put what you have discovered into action. Let’s go!


  • On the Dirty 30 Inventory Sheet, you marked the items that were ALMOST EMPTY.
  • On the Shopping List, add those items AND the healthier option you are going to purchase as the replacement. For example, if you use regular table salt and your bottle is almost empty, add regular table salt to the list on the left AND in the HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE column, add unadulterated sea salt and if you know the brand you wish to try, be sure to note that on the list.

Do this for ALL of the ALMOST EMPTY items on your Dirty 30 Inventory Sheet! Continue to do this every time you are ready to go to the market. Continue until your shopping list is full of all the healthy alternatives you chose.


  • Take a look at the The Dirty 30 Top 5 and as a FAMILY, decide which 2 of the TOP 5 items you will replace with a healthier alternative OR work to eliminate all together. Don’t try to eliminate all to the Top 5 at once. Remember the Common Sense Approach and one step at a time.

REMEMBER: You are NOT adding the Least 5 to the Dirty 30 Shopping List AT ALL anymore.


  • Celebrate your SUCCESS!

Be sure to list your healthy alternatives in the FB Group using #healthyalternatives.

To your health and wellness!