Fast “Food” Challenge

no-fast-food.jpgCongratulations on accepting the Fast “Food” Challenge. There is nothing healthy about fast “food” and eliminating it from your daily food intake will do your body great.

Do this task at your own pace. Some on you eat fast “food” once in a while and others eat it daily. The ultimate goal is to eliminate at least 95% of the fast food that you currently consume and replace it with real food.

Don’t try to eliminate it all at once. That may cause frustration and lead you to give up on the challenge. Also, don’t stop trying. If you have a bad week where your schedule only permitted fast “food”, that’s ok – restart the next week with eliminating it from your intake.

Follow these steps:

  1. Pull the family together and watch this short video:
    1. What’s in Your Fast Food?
  2. Do the math based on the numbers in the video to see why eating Fast “Food” sabotages your weight, health and wellness goals.
  3. Have an open discussion regarding thoughts about the video
  4. Answer the following questions
    1. How many times a week do you eat Fast “Food” (be sure to count the meals you eat from the school/work cafeteria as well)
    2. How much money do you spend per week on Fast “Food”
    3. What can you do to decrease your Fast “Food” intake (come up with 4 – 5 solutions)
  5. Create a plan based on the solutions from 4c above.
  6. Track the following
    1. How much money you save as a result of skipping some fast “food” meals?
    2. How does your body feel as you replace fast “food” with real food?
    3. How have your bowel movements changed as a result of replacing fast “food” with more real food (frequency, small, amount)
  7. Celebrate your success!!

Remember, one step at a time in eliminating the fast food. It takes planning and preparation but the reward is great. There will come a time when you haven’t consumed fast food for a while and you slip and have some. Your body will let you know that it wasn’t a wise choice. Pay attention to your body and listen to the signals it sends you.

Don’t forget to share your discoveries and successes in the FB Group using #fastfoodchronicles.