A Time to Celebrate

celebrateDictionary.com defines ‘celebrate’ in the following manner:

  1. to observe with festivities
  2. to perform with appropriate rites
  3. to have a good time

I know this has been hard work. Rewarding, yes, but definitely hard work. I believe you are entitled to a little celebration for a job well done. It is important to sustain the values you have learned over these past days. One strategy to accomplish this is by celebrating the achievements.

If you do not celebrate your achievements, the values you have gained will be lost and the importance will become extinct. What you have learned here needs to become a part of who you are. Celebrating your accomplishments creates a certain energy, which will build on new and bigger accomplishments.

For some of you, changing the way you eat is totally new and any time you encounter new experiences, you need new energies. When you celebrate your accomplishments, the new energies bring about new successes, new opportunities, new processes and new strategies. New people will also come into your life as a result of these new energies.

Please, don’t skip over the celebration. It is just as important as every thing else you are doing. Take the time to acknowledge what you have accomplished and celebrate in that.

Start out by looking in the mirror and saying, in your best voice, “Today, I celebrate me! I am so proud of myself for completing these first days of eliminating the Dirty 30 from my daily food intake, now I know I can do it all!!!!

Be sure to explain the importance of this to your family. Celebrating the success should be done with all achievements, not just this task. The A on an exam or report card, the job promotion, the graduation, the weight loss; what ever it is – celebrate the success!

Now go out and do something to celebrate your accomplishments and have a great time!


Congratulations again on all that you have accomplished so far. You are in full stride on your journey to eliminating the Dirty 30. I am honored to be walking it with you. Please be sure to go back and complete any outstanding tasks.

Now, let’s take the time to reflect over these past days. Take your time and be totally honest about what you discovered on your journey. Discuss this with the family over dinner.

Here are a few questions to help lead the discussion. There is no right answer. Everyone should have an opportunity to answer.

What was the one thing that was most shocking to discover and why?

How did that discovery make you feel?

How did that discovery affect your ability to complete the tasks so far?

How have you changed since completing these past days?

What do you now feel about the ‘food’ you consume?

Do you believe you can eliminate most of the Dirty 30? Why or Why not?