Dirty 30 Elimination Day 6

grocery store inventoryINVENTORY – DAY 6

Knowing what you have in your kitchen is vital to your success in eliminating The Dirty 30 from you daily intake. Just like any retail business, to stay in business they must keep track of their inventory. Well, in order for you to be successful, you have to keep track of your food inventory and of course, I made it simple for you!

Print out The Dirty 30 HFCS Inventory Guide and let’s get to work! (NEED THIS WORKSHEET – BLOG POST)

Remember, make this a Weekend Family Project and make if FUN! It shouldn’t seem like a chore. Make it an opportunity to talk about memories and fun times as well as what will happen in the future with better eating. This project should become a great memory to you and your family.

Be sure to share your results & PICTURES using #DirtyInventory and your feelings, concerns and thoughts.

Crystal Gunn

PS. Where I never suggest to clients to throw food away, sometimes the anger makes you want to toss items right in the trash. Err on the side of caution and make sure that it is financially responsible for you to toss partially used items to replace with healthier options.