The Common Sense Approach

Often when we aim to make a major change in our lives, we want to see results IMMEDIATELY! After all, we live in a microwave society – literally and figuratively. The problem with wanting immediate results in weight loss and wellness is that the desire for immediate results often times leads to disappointment.

You did not get in the state you’re in overnight so please give yourself a break when trying to accomplish these tasks. Overnight success is an unrealistic approach.  Instead, let’s take one of Common Sense.

Go back and look at the highlighted items. Place a check mark by the 5 that you and your family consume the LEAST.


Common Sense right?


  1. Don’t add them to you shopping list again. You and your family consume them only a bit. If it’s not shocking to your daily meal plan to eliminate, don’t include them ever again.
  2. Find a healthier alternative. There are some listed in The Dirty 30 and you can also ask for suggestions in the FB GROUP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to get your entire family on board. This is a great teaching moment for your children. When they understand the goals and objectives, there will be less complaining PLUS they will change their buying habits when you are not around.

Easy right?

Be sure to post in the FB Group which items you were able to eliminate and which you replaced with healthier options. Use #leastfive in your comment.

In 2 days we tackle the next items. Until then, print out your Dirty 30 Inventory Sheet to assist in your upcoming tasks.

To a healthier you!



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