Crystalized Faith

Faith is defined as complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Crystalized is defined as make or become definite and clear.

Over my life, my faith has been tested with self-doubt, financial loss, divorce, bankruptcy, depression and more. Every trial was a test of my faith and every hardship a lesson that would be repeated until learned. Every step of the way, one thing stood strong – God’s presence in my life, making my faith in Him more definite and clear. It’s now unbreakable.

It was through this journey that my faith in God was crystalized. It was through this journey that my assignment was made clear. I denied it often, until I couldn’t deny it anymore. Empower the lives of women globally – personally (mind, body, spirit), financially and socially.

Crystalized.Faith is the jump off point of that assignment. Home base to everything I give to the world. Take a look around. See what speaks to you and join my tribe of Amazing Black Women.

The black woman has given birth to the world. All humanity flows from her. She has been disrespected, beat up and beat down. She has been held back and told to stay in her place. She has raised her children and the children of others. She has sacrificed what she believes and who she is in support of others. She has been the provider and protector. She has been the lover and the fighter. She has been the healer of others sometimes suffering in her own illness. She has carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. She has prayed and marched. She has started and led movements. She birthed the world and she will change the world. She was born to be amazing. It was established at birth!

I look forward to our fellowship.

Make it Amazing!