Credit Rise

credit rise banner bigCredit Rise was created to improve the credit and financial capacity of individuals by providing a blue print detailing the action steps needed to reach desired goals. Through educational workshops, participants have an opportunity to learn the importance of good credit, budgeting and savings and will receive incentives to help keep them focused while completing the steps.

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Primary goals:

  • Change the collective consciousness of individuals as it relates to credit and the importance of good credit
  • Improve credit scores through education and comprehensive plans for each participant
  • Insure that participants have the knowledge to pass to their children to change the family credit profile for generations
  • To assist participants in improving their scores over 680 and ultimately 700+ (The 700 Club)


To schedule a Credit Rise Workshop call 248-633-8575 or email

What participants are saying: What I enjoyed about Credit Rise…

“All of the information provided in such great detail along with resources that can be used.”

“I learned a lot of helpful and informative information. I plan to use it all to the best of my ability. It’s time for a new beginning. Thank you.”


“I enjoyed the positive attitude from the start. All of the information I received was exactly what I hoped for. It was a joy to be in the group. I loved it so much that I want to sign up for future workshops.”

“I loved everything you shared today. I learned so much and all I want to do is share this info. I want more info and I know this will be a success. I’m so excited about the outcome.”