Women are AMAZING and when they are empowered, they empower their mates, children, family, friends and communities. Amazing Women have the power to change the world including the HEALTH of the world.

Where do we start? We start with ourselves. We have to decide to choose fit first. We have to take care of ourselves first. When we do that, the world pays attention and the world follows! We become AWESOMEAmazing Women Energetically Seeking Our Metaphysical Excellence!

Some shocking statistics: Recent national data shows that 82.0% of Black women, 77.2% of Hispanic women and to 63.2% of White women are overweight or obese. In addition, over half of Black women are obese (versus 37.1% of Black men and 32.8% of White women).

The CDC reports that 45.7% of Black women, 28.9% of Hispanic women and 31.43% of white women suffer from high blood pressure with Blacks developing high blood pressure more often and Black women suffering more than men.

There are approximately 1,000 deaths per day with high blood pressure being the primary contributing cause. The CDC also reports that 33.6% of Black women, 31.8% of Hispanic women and 32% of White women suffer from high cholesterol. We could continue to show statistics with different diseases and the numbers would reflect the same – higher among Black Women.

It is time for Amazing Women to eat better, exercise more and Choose Fit. It is time for Amazing Women to be AWESOME. That is what this movement is all about.  It is time to Take Back Your Power – Personally: Mind, Body and Spirit! No matter what your disease or illness, you can choose to change your life for the better and this is your first stop on a miraculous journey.

Total Wellness Is Possible! How?

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