About Crystal Gunn

CrystalWelcome. My name is CRYSTAL GUNN and I thank you for being a part of my squad!

I have one main assignment in my life; to positively impact the lives of as many people as I can and this site is one of the platforms in which I carry out my assignment.

Through my own journey in life, God narrowed down my assignment to focus on specific areas with a very specific theme: TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!

TAKE BACK YOUR POWER PERSONALLY – Mind | Body | Spirit – For total wellness, these three must be in sync. I share information to empower you to reach total wellness goals.

TAKE BACK YOUR POWER FINANCIALLY – Financial wellbeing is key to an incredible life. The tips I provide will assist you in gaining financial freedom.

TAKE BACK YOUR POWER SOCIALLY – By sharing my personal social – philanthropic endeavors, I hope to inspire you to give more to impact the lives of others.

Throughout my own journey, I was blessed with incredible gifts and knowledge which I have channeled into The Amazing Woman Network, with campaigns all designed to assist you in your journey to greatness while I accomplish some of my personal goals.

My Personal Goals:

  1. Unite women globally in regaining their power so collectively we all rise
  2. Assist 1,000 people in improving their credit scores to a minimum of 680
  3. Empower women in Total Wellness and assist over 1,000 in improving their health and wellness and that of their families
  4. Empower 1,000 women in utilizing their God-given talent to build a business
  5. Assist 1,000 individuals in becoming homeowners
  6. Assist women who wish to invest in real estate
  7. Assist 1,000 women in reclaiming and maintaining financial freedom
  8. Empower young girls to grow up to be Amazing Women
  9. Distribute 10,000 Red Dot Bags each year!
  10. Build The Amazing Woman Network to be a global organization and brand through products and service
  11. Change the financial landscape in the AA church community through my Church Challenge
  12. To inspire, if only 1 woman, to never give up on her dreams and to keep pushing until she reaches each and ever goal

Most will ask, why empower others. That’s simple. It’s my assignment from the Creator. You can’t say to God “Use me as you see fit” and decide not to allow Him to do just that!

Secondly, my life’s journey has prepared me for my assignment. Throughout the process, I have been given knowledge and tools to assist and empower. Through The Amazing Woman Network, I get to live each day, living my passion and building a successful business, staying true to my double bottom line philosophy – make a profit and make a difference. 

Thirdly, if I can do it, so can you. As you travel with me throughout my journey, perhaps you will realize that you too can dream bigger and actually realize those dreams!


I would truly appreciate it if you would sign up officially and join my squad. Not only will you receive sisterhood, you will also receive free goodies, products, useful information, workshops and support. You will become part of a super global squad, of Amazing Women, collectively reaching our goals and changing the world!

Take action, dream BIGGER and realize your goals!

Make it Amazing!

PS. Click on my name for BIO – CRYSTAL GUNN


P.O. Box 28253, Detroit MI 48228 * crystalgunn@gmail.com * 248.633.8575


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