embrace the journey8 years ago I was given the overwhelmingly exciting assignment – empower women globally- and of course, I had no idea how to accomplish that. Not to mention, the whole “why me?” thing but you don’t get to say “God, use me as you will” and renege on those words because His assignment seems a little challenging.

So as I went about the tasks of creating, building, writing and developing, there was this journey that unfolded before me and I had no idea what God had in store for me.

We live in a microwave society where we want things to happen immediately. We want to be an overnight success. We want memberships to soar and sales to fly through the roof. We want the biggest following, to impact the most people, make the most sales and claim our success. I was no different. I wanted to do this assignment well. To be the best of all the people God had given assignments. I wanted to make Him extremely proud and know that He picked the right one.

He however, had a different plan. Phase 1 of the journey was 8 very long years. 8 years of failure, restarts, self-doubt, loneliness and quitting over and over again. 8 years of lessons, wins, rebuilding my faith, learning to trust Him, self-love and rebirth. 8 years of learning to trust His timing. 8 years to believe His promises. 8 years – the first phase of an amazing ride.

What did I learn in those 8 years?

  1. That you will keep repeating a lesson until you learn it. If you seem to relive the same trouble and hardships, over and over, it’s probably because you’re not learning the lesson God is trying to teach you. Just like in school, if you fail a class, you have to repeat it.
  2. Your journey may not be just for you. One of my spiritual advisors asked me “How can you empower other women if you have never been through anything?”
  3. The bigger your assignment, the more work God has to do. While you are doing the work you can touch and feel, God is building you up, moving and preparing others, putting them in place, securing the path for the next phase and beyond and some of that takes time.
  4. His timing is always right. No matter how many times you think it’s the right time, you have to learn to trust His timing. He gave you the assignment. He knows when, where and how. This will be one of the biggest tests of your faith.
  5. Be grateful for the losses. Sometimes those things that you think are losses are actually wins. They make you stronger. They make you better. They increase your faith. They bring you closer to God.
  6. There is no destination. There are only journeys in life. When you focus on “making it” to the “top” or reaching the destination, you miss out on what is truly important – the journey and all the lessons, blessings and love that you will experience along the way.

As I enter into this next phase and all the pieces continue to fall together easily, I am so grateful for the journey thus far. Every hour of each day gives me another experience or interaction that solidifies my understanding of my assignment and purpose.

As you continue along your path, remember, there is no destination. Right now, this moment is all we have. Be in this moment and your journey will be come clearer. Your faith will become stronger and life will start to look and feel different.