compassionThere are some really bad things happening in this world right now. Let’s take a look! (I did NOT create these headlines)

I could probably list 10 more incredibly disheartening events from around the world but….

I watch very little TV. Almost none! And I definitely don’t watch the news – on purpose (gasp!) – it’s enough to make you want to end your own life. Depressing is an understatement.

I am on social media so I get to see a lot. It is FULL of news, opinions, positivity, love, hate, peace, joy, excitement… you get the idea. And over the past few days more of the same has appeared. People support the victims in Paris and others are outraged because “how dare you support Paris instead of Kenya, Beirut, dot dot dot – you fill in the blank!

I am a bit outraged and it comes in 2 parts.

PART 1: I am outraged at what is happening around the world. The hatred and violence is destroying EVERYONE! Nothing good has come or will come from it.

PART 2: I am outraged at the fact that, in the eyes of far too many, I cannot be outraged at one horrible tragedy AND outraged at another – simultaneously. Why is it that if I show compassion for the people in Paris, it means that I don’t have compassion for the people in Kenya? Or Beirut? Or America? Or Brazil? Or Ferguson? Or Missouri? Or Detroit?

When did compassion stop at only one group of people? To deny compassion to one is to deny compassion to all.

YES I know we live in a racist world. YES, I know and believe black lives matter! YES, I know that fear of what makes us great is the very thing that scares others!

I also know, that if I allow one’s hate for me be enough to make me hate them then I lose. If I don’t pray for EVERYBODY we lose! I also know if the collective consciousness of man doesn’t change, WE ALL LOSE!

I am by no means naïve. I understand our anger but LOOK AROUND! COLLECTIVELY WE ARE ALL LOSING! The world is burning because it must change.

I am a beautiful black woman, with a beautiful black daughter and I love beautifully strong black men (all labels by the way – but that’s another blog post) and there are causes that I rally behind and support with full force. It does not keep me from being compassionate about others who don’t wear my same label.

When God created you, He made you part of Him. When He created me, He made me part of Him. Therefore we are part of each other.

Don’t stop fighting for your causes. Don’t stop showing your support for that which you are most passionate. But please stop with the guilt trip because someone shows compassion to all or differently than you.

Can’t I show compassion for the people killed while not supporting the ills of their government? Can’t I show compassion for the police officers that put their lives on the line everyday while not supporting those cops who are racist and should be stripped of their shield? Can’t I show compassion for those who defend their country without supporting the war in which they fight and those who caused it? Of course I can. Compassion for the victim or oppressed does not show support for the oppressor. It shows compassion to those who need it – those that deserve it.

I have a friend that calls me “we are the world!” – yeah, that’s true… but mostly… We are God! Interconnected by His Spirit, which resides in us all.

I will always pray for you. Won’t you pray for me? And together, can’t we pray for the world? Or at least, can’t it be ok? And while we’re at it, let’s show a little compassion.

In Love,