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Black PantherFear requires you to believe in something you cannot see. So does FAITH!

This week push past the fear. Do the things on your ‘to-do’ list that you keep skipping over – those things for whatever reason, fear has kept you from completing.

It happens to us all. There is this one item on my list. Man!  There is some fear that when I see it, I just skip right over it. The crazy thing… if I just do it, my life will change immediately. WOW! Maybe that’s what the fear is about. The SUCCESS!

We fear failure, we experience that ALL the time but success can be overwhelming! The thought of it paralyzing! What if my life really changes when I do this? What if I get exactly what I have been asking for? What if I bless a lot of people with this action? What will my life be like? What will their lives be like?

I love it!  So let’s do this together – my tribe – my TEAM! (Together Everybody Achieves More). Let’s do it!  This week, let’s do that one thing that has stopped us in our tracts for months!!!  Let’s do it together! Let’s impact our lives and the lives of those that will be blessed by us taking action!

This week, let’s push past the fear and conquer it with FAITH. Fear and FAITH cannot occupy the same place.

Let’s Go and Make it Amazing!