grindAs I opened my journal and started to write “God, please continue to paint the vision and make it clear to me for the Amazing Woman Network, Amazing Apparel and Seacret…”

No sooner did I write the last ‘t” that He made it clear. He already showed me the vision – a long time a go. I have been the one on pause. I have been holding up progress. Caring what others thought, how they perceived me or if they would support. All nonsense. God gave it to me so what am I waiting on?

90 Day GRIND (Greatness Resides in Nonstop Determination). It’s on.

One thing I have realized – the individual determines when they are ready to GRIND, when they are ready for their life to be different, when they want to put in maximum effort knowing that God will deliver maximum results.

Fear of greatness and fear of success is real.

Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space.

So obviously I am lacking some faith here, which is odd because I thought I walked in faith daily. I guess I do in most areas of my life but not in all of them.


Turn within and let faith take over.

I am the child of God the most high. Therefore I can co-create my life with the Creator. He has already shown me the script. Now its time to study my lines and perform with the star studded cast that He hand selected. How can I fail?

I cannot fail for failure is NEVER an option.

What ever you have been wanting, working on or hoping to manifest – it is all possible. Once you are committed to making it happen and have conferred with the Creator….. there is nothing else that can stop you.

Start your 90 Day GRIND today!!!!! You owe it to yourself!

Make it Amazing!