AMAZING WOMEN BANNER2-17 years ago I discovered my God given talent, my passion and my mission in life – which in short is to positively impact the lives of others. My Assignment was dropped in my spirit – create a network to empower and unite women globally with a theme of Take Back Your Power – Personally (Mind, Body & Spirit), Financially and Socially!

As God downloaded information to me, I was obedient in creating what He gave me. I followed His lead and asked Him to continue to use me! And use me He has and it has been wonderful. 

5 years ago, as I sat at an opportunity meeting, I realized that Relationship Marketing would be one of the tools used to help people Take Back Their Power Financially and I began to pray and ask God to show me the right company, the right leadership and the right community to use! 

In March of this year, I was blessed to find just that. #Seacret! I had the ability to attend the Breakthrough Convention in May and was able to witness and feel God’s presence in this company. I was able to hear the vision of the Co-Founder Izhak Ben Shabat “to build a wealthy global community” and I was able to see love, humility and a true sense of community!

Even after experiencing the Breakthrough Convention, I still was unsure how to use Seacret with my mission in life and with my Assignment. This past weekend, it all became Crystal Clear!! #AWNfreedomproject

This past weekend, some of my #SeacretFamily and I were flown to Arizona for Seacret Community Day and had the distinct pleasure to experience the family and leaders up close and personal. It was such a blessing. As Izhak told the story of his family and their philosophies in life, I realized that their beliefs mirrored my own and ALL the pieces fell into place. I was able to witness TRUE SERVANT LEADERSHIP that I have never seen from boardroom to pulpit. It was truly amazing! 

Thank you Makeba Boulware for coming home 7 months ago! Thank you Tiffany & John Malott for any incredible blessing and thank you Izhak Ben Shabat for being an outstanding example of a TRUE SERVANT!

#AmazingWomanNetwork #FreedomProject  #Seacret

Make it Amazing!


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