robin williams Depression comes in like a thief in the night and steals your life leaving those around you bewildered, hurt and most of all, wondering how they could have missed it or what they could have done to help.

Social media is a buzz with the news of the suicide death of Robin Williams. A brilliant actor and comedian. Instantly there are thoughts of “what would make him commit suicide?” and “He was famous and well-off, why would he be depressed?”

The fact is that approximately 121 million people worldwide suffer from some form of depression claiming 34,000 lives in the US every year. And yes, some of these people are wealthy and “have it all.”

I was fortunate enough to make it through my depression, not even knowing that I was depressed. It was a phone call with a friend describing his life and the professional diagnosis that he received, that alerted me to what I had experienced. Depression!

Who know…

I certainly didn’t BUT it was during that time that I learned most about who I am, what I am passionate about I discovered my God given gifts and talents.

I turned within… to the spirit of God that resides in each of us. To that Spirit that will direct us exactly where we need to be in life.

AND, I learned to thank GOD for all the bumps, hurdles, setbacks and rode blocks for each of those were part of HIS greater plan to use me to do HIS work. Without them, I would not be an Empowerment Coach, assisting people in rising to their next level of greatness. Without them, I would have never started the Amazing Woman Network, touching the lives of women in over 40 countries. Without them, I would not be who I am today. I stronger, more determined, passionate, focused, Amazing Woman!

If life has you NOT knowing which way to turn, TURN WITHIN. Don’t let the depression set in and steal your life. Ask God to show you the way and LISTEN!!!! Turn it ALL over to HIM and watch HIM work! What you are experiencing is a blessing. It is! It’s also an incredible lesson that once learned, can change your life forever.

Learn the Lesson! Receive the Blessing!

Make it Amazing!