15 minutes! We were only in Panera a total of 15 minutes.

It was supposed to be a brief marketing meeting but 8 minutes into the meeting, the tears starting flowing.

All because of one question…

6 words… “What’s going on in your world?”

WOW! I didn’t see that coming.

My response, as I wiped away the tears. “I’m not sure. I don’t know where these tears are coming from.”

The words that were spoken next shook me to my core and caused a shift in my direction, which set me back on the right course. God’s course. My journey!

Those words…

“You are not walking in your passion. Never put the Amazing Woman Network on the back burner. You are THEE Amazing Woman and it is your calling. The moment you lose sight of that, you are not walking in your passion or your greatness and you will inevitably feel lost.”

I’m back in stride again….

If you have lost focus and strayed away from your passion and mission in life, get back in focus. Your God given gift is to be shared with the world. There may be ups and downs but they are merely stepping-stones to your greatness.

Everyone may not believe or understand what you are supposed to accomplish in life. That is OK. Don’t let that stop you or make you doubt yourself. Turn within and center yourself in your purpose.

My life is an incredible journey. I thank God for the gifts he has bestowed upon me.