Original Post Date of May 30, 1024

1,032 days ago, I stepped back into corporate America as I began my assignment from God – the Amazing Woman Network. Being able to positively impact the lives of over 38,000 women in over 40 countries has been the most incredible journey of my life and I look forward to doing more of it.

Corporate America became part of that journey and having been an entrepreneur since 1999, going back to work for another literally made me sick to my stomach. A great friend told me to see the company for which I worked as a strategic partner as I traveled my journey as God had planned it.

TODAY, I bid the strategic partner FAREWELL. Why?

  1. The job did not utilize that God given gifts that he bestowed on me NOR did they care anything about it.
  2. Because I know my purpose, doing anything that does not allow for me to walk in my purpose at all times is painful. Suffocating!
  3. Because I was created to uplift and positively impact others, having a job where I was ‘forced’ to create an environment for my staff that did the opposite, was unbearable for me and goes against my beliefs.
  4. Everyday, a little more of my spirit seemed to die because I was not living my most authentic life.
  5. Giving up my freedom for my “security” is not something I am willing to do.
  6. My God is my source and HE ALWAYS DELIVERS!!!

Life is too short to spend it doing anything you don’t love, being unhappy and unfulfilled.

Determine YOUR God given gift (we all have one) and walk in that greatness. Share that GIFT with the world. You will be much happier and more successful.

If you pray for it, God delivers it, how do you not GO AFTER IT with ALL that you HAVE and ALL that you ARE!

I thank God for my assignment, for my strategic partner, my gifts and talents and for using me to impact the lives of others.

Believe in HIM, trust in HIM, have FAITH in HIM… I promise HE will deliver and Make it ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!

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