rabbitJanuary 2014 in Michigan… approximately 37+ inches of snow fall; negative 9 degree temperatures; the kids have missed at least 7- 10 days of school due to frigid temps and events and meetings postponed or cancelled! And to top it off, one of my very best friends moved to Arizona just before the 1st winter storm, so I have to hear about 75 degree days and how good the weather is in AZ. UGH! What a way to start a new year.

I LOVE the SUN!  I desire and NEED the sun. 80-degree temps make my day. I get excited with warm weather and longer days. I am super charged to do more, create more, BE MORE!

I could feel myself getting sucked into the COLD Weather Blues. You know, when you want to just go home, put on some really warm clothes, grab a blanket and just lay on the couch and get lost in a great book.

I am notorious for reading 3 books at one time. I love it. My thirst for knowledge is fierce, BUT I have deadlines to meet, products to create, videos to record and blog posts to write. I have no time for the cold weather blues.

Life, in January, was passing me by. Remembering my earlier post from this January, The Experience, I had to find a release.

Release – set free from confinement, restraint or bondage. Yes! This is what I needed.

So as I do in every area of my life, I turned it over to the Creator and asked Him to provide the release. It came in the oddest way.

It was 4am Friday morning and I was wide-awake. Typically when this happens, knowing that I have 2 more hours before I need to rise, I try to fall back to sleep. This obviously was not a typical situation.

I couldn’t fall back to sleep and as I accepted the fact that I was awakened for a reason, I asked for the reason to be revealed.  Well, true to form, my God delivered.

I decided to grab a blanket, go downstairs and sit in front of the window and just watch the Universe. Take a peek at what was going on at 4am. It was dark, everything was quiet, no one was stirring and there was a 14-inch blanket of snow covering the courtyard outside of my window. Let’s face it; as much as we may dislike driving in the snow, there is an extreme beauty and peacefulness to it when watching it from the warmth of your home.

Now watch Him work!

About 15 minutes into my observation of God’s gift lying right outside my window, there came hopping along another gift. I saw something moving and discovered it was a rabbit. Yes! A rabbit! The same rabbit that I see when out jogging and in the early mornings as I leave out to take my daughter to school.

I hadn’t seen him in a while. Had no thought or concern to where he had gone during the snow storms and the frigidly cold weather but as I saw him this morning, I could only chuckle and say softly “thank you God, I got it now.”  

Cold Weather Blues be gone! This small creature, out in the early morning, not being sidetracked by the cold, not being stopped by the snow, but going about his business, experiencing life and doing what he needed to do to get all he needed to survive, despite the difficulties that lay before him.

I now thanked God for the cold weather and the snow because as it keeps me still, barricaded in my warm home, with a chance to listen to Him, I mean really listen to Him, I can hear what He wants me to do, what He wants me to be, what He wants me to create and how much more He will provide.


Thank you God!

And no, it didn’t stop there!

You see, the previous day I was asked to speak at an upcoming woman’s event, and of course agreed and instantly knew what my topic was to be, but I had no idea about the words to use to deliver it. So of course, I asked for the answer to be revealed.

You guessed it! He went to work again. In those early hours of the morning, I received my answer. He delivered to me the entire speech in less than 30 minutes. BOOM!

This is how He works!

So now, as I sit in the midst of another snowstorm to be followed by yet another one in 3 days, I say, “Bring It On!” I look forward to the opportunity to receive all that He has to download to me. I am excited about what the time will manifest. I welcome The Experience.

The next time you are experiencing your own form of the ‘Cold Weather Blues’ or something has you stuck, think about that tiny rabbit, hopping along in the frigid temps and 14 inches of snow, dealing with it! Co-creating his life and experiencing it! Realize just how blessed you truly are, sit in silence and receive your answer.

Are YOU listening?