Often times it is during this part of the year that people tend to make resolutions. Or set new goals in life, be it personal, career or even religious ones, as well.

These “resolutions” generally last for about a month. Maybe well into february if one is really dedicated. And then they revert back to their “old self”. Banishing all thoughts of resolutions, until the end of the year.

exodus 33-14What happens to the time inbetween the year? Supposing one decides to make a change either in thought or deed. Do we have to wait for the new year?
Exodus 33: 14 My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.
This scripture essentially tells us that God will be with us unconditionally. So if we decide to make a change irrespective of the time of year you may because of God’s assurance of His presence being with us and giving us rest.

The new year may have started off slow for some, some might have not even started. Don’t lose hope. Keep speaking positively into your life and watch things turn around.

One needs to bring their future into the present and the present is the only time that we can take action. So goals give you the ability to do something today to create the future you desire.

For it is not how you start the year off. It’s about how you’re going to finish it off.

~written by Sherece Phillay for Crystalized.Info