experienceIt’s a new year, which means new beginnings. My New Year’s Constitution is complete (I am Crystal Gunn, a spiritual being having an earthly Experience. I accept each Experience as it comes and grow wiser as a result. I was created to unite and empower women globally. I will continue to represent Power, Inspiration and Determination! I am Amazing!) and now it is time to get to work in 2014. But where do I start and how do I accomplish all that I desire for this year?

Answer: 2014 – The Experience

Often we go about the day-to-day tasks, crossing things off our to-do list, making deals, meeting new people and setting additional goals but we miss the Experience in each of those situations and in life. We move so fast that the experiences are a blur imprinted in our minds and memories and lessons are soon forgotten.

2013 for me was thinking, planning, building and creating. I spent most days writing out ideas with ways to make them manifest BUT as I look over the past year, I missed the Experiences that fill us up with energy to take it to the next level, to help us enjoy life and make it impactful. Last year happened but I didn’t Experience it.

2014, for me, is all about the Experience. Every Experience. How it feels, how it makes me feel, what I get from it and what I give to it. It’s about giving it everything I have, leaving it all on the table and Experiencing ALL that the Universe has to offer.

From, the morning sunrise, to the 10 inches of snow and sub zero temperatures, to the launch of the Amazing Woman Network t-shirt line and implementation of all our programs and campaigns. All things small and large, all events intimate and public, every day! The Experience. 2014.

What will you Experience in 2014? How will you let if shape your life? How will you grow as a result?

I will share with you my Experiences throughout the year and how they impact my life and the lives of others around me. Please share with me your Experiences as well. I would love to read about them.

Remember, Life is about the Experience, why not make the Experience Amazing!