New Year's ResolutionsIt’s that time of year again. You know, when people start to make resolutions for the upcoming year. Are you making yours? The same promises you made last year and the year before that were never kept. You start out great, on fire and filled with passion but by March its back to the same old thing, the same routine and nothing changes, gets better or gets accomplished.

Why did you fail to meet your resolutions? Mainly, because you set unrealistic goals and expectations. The actions needed to keep them are far too drastic and out of alignment with your internal view of yourself.

For example, you set a resolution to lose weight but you didn’t do it in the previous year, you failed at the diets you tried, you didn’t go to the gym and now you don’t believe that you can accomplish it so you never do.

External factors say you need to change but your internal factors make you believe you will fail, don’t deserve it or that you don’t have what it takes to accomplish it.

What internal factors have kept you from accomplishing the resolutions you set last year?

In order to be successful, you have to re-wire your internal views of yourself. You must create different thinking patterns as it relates to YOU. Creating neural pathways and memories, which become your default view of yourself will assist in accomplishing those things for which you desire.

How do you do this? Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution, create your New Years’ Constitution!

Your Constitution is who you are and what you represent (or who you want to be and what you want to represent)!

My New Year’s Constitution from 2013 – I am Crystal Gunn, someone that inspires all in which I come in contact. I was created to unite and empower women globally. I will continue to represent Power, Inspiration and Determination! I am Amazing!

As you continue to speak out loud your Constitution, everyday, over and over, it starts to shift your mindset. The neural pathways and memories start to multiply. You start to become what you continue to speak.

As you do this and really start to believe in you, in your power, in your worth, you will automatically start to accomplish the very tasks you need to complete to meet your desired outcome.

Change your thoughts and beliefs about who you are and that is who you become.

Please share with me your 2014 New Year’s Constitution. We are doing a feature on this in the January 2014 edition of Amazing Women Speak Magazine and would love to include your Constitution!

Have a wonderful day!