let go and let godInfidelity, lies, anger, betrayal, arguments and harsh words that can never be taken back! Which of these are you holding on to for dear life? Which of these pop into your mind over and over again?  How many times have you gotten mad or sad all over again because you are thinking about something that happened in the past?

Well it is time to let go or be dragged.

When we hold on to the bad things that have happened into our past, we are dragged into darkness. In darkness is where anger and pain reside, depression festers and the disharmony in our life is manifested as illness and disease in our bodies.

A close friend once told me “Crystal, your story is not special!” At the time, it was, to me, the meanest thing anyone had every said to me. But as time progressed and I emerged from darkness, I realized the power in those words.

Everyone has a story, some not as bad as yours, some, thousands of times worse than yours but everyone has one. That story, that betrayal, those arguments, that failure, those horrible words, that bad incident is not who you are. You are not defined by any of that. Let go and experience the freedom that is awaiting you. Forgive and start to live a whole new life.

There is no one process that works for everyone but here are a few things to consider:

  1. Start out by saying the words “I forgive you!”  Your words have power. Use them!
  2. Write about it in your journal – don’t hold back, let it all flow, get it all out. Continue to write until the pain that once was present is no longer there.
  3. Talk to a professional – someone that can assist you in your healing. The bigger the issue, the harder it may be to resolve alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help! It may be the thing you need to get you out of darkness.
  4. Pray – Ask God to show you how to get past it and leave it in the past!
  5. Learn from it! – There is a lesson in every situation. Find it and learn from it.
  6. Forgive yourself – forgiving yourself is equally important as forgiving another. Stop carrying the burden.
  7. Live life – be determined to live each moment like it is the last one you have. The next moment is not promised.
  8. Spread love – the more you give, the more you shall receive. Spread love in a big way and it will be returned to you pressed down, shaken together and running over.
  9. Be happy! – you control your own happiness so decide to be happy. Every night, write out 3-5 things that you experienced in that day for which you are grateful. When you focus on what you have, you can’t help but become happy.

10. Let Go! – let go of the past, let go of the hurt and pain. Become free!