focus imageYou have a little more than 60 days left until the end of the year, a little more than 60 days to get FOCUSED and finish the year strong.

I have gotten quite a few emails over the past few weeks, from individuals that have been encouraged and are making strides to reach their goals. Here are just a few.

“I have crossed out some tasks but some days it feels hard but I can do this. Thank you so much for believing in me I will not give up.”

“Thank you for this beautiful email. It has come at the very right time. Today I woke up feeling very low and discouraged, wondering why things are the way they are. Your email has encouraged me not to give up. It is a confirmation of today’s devotion. Indeed in every situation in my life I will learn to praise God and ensure that I refocus on my goals.
Thank you so much Amazing woman!!”

“Wow! Thank you so much you truly amaze me. I will work hard because really I
have people who look up to me & I don’t have to let them down. I love them so much.”

I am truly humbled and grateful that my words help to empower others. Reading these emails truly inspire and motivate me to keep FOCUSED. Thank You!

Now, I have also gotten a few emails where things are not going so well. Mostly, these people feel stuck and don’t know what steps to follow to finish the year out strong. Here are a few simple yet very effective steps to follow to get you FOCUSED and assist in reaching your goals.

1. WHAT do you want to achieve/accomplish by the end of this year?  (Be precise – don’t move to the next step until you complete this one) – write it out, in detail, exactly what you want to accomplish by the end of the year. As you do this, don’t think about how you will get it accomplished. Be very specific about WHAT you want to accomplish and the how will come later.

2.  WHY do you want to achieve your goals?  As you look back on what you want to achieve, write out WHY you want to achieve it. WHY is it so important and what happens if you don’t achieve it?

Women were made with powerful emotions and often time society suggests that being emotional is bad. The truth of the matter is being emotional is a great thing. I am not referring to the temper tantrum, arms waving crying session. I am referring to that God given gift of deep emotion.

We were made to be emotional nurturing creatures. Those emotions are what drive us; make us passionate and relentless in everything we do. They keep us strong; allow us to forgive and to fight for what we believe. Those emotions allow us to protect our loved ones and do all that we can for them. They were given to us for a reason. They are a blessing!

The emotions and feelings you get when you read your WHY will help to keep you FOCUSED and determined. Use those emotions. Use your God given gifts in the way in which they were meant to be used.

3. WHO is assisting you in achieving your goals?  Anybody? Take a look at your circle. With WHOM do you spend the most time? WHO are you on the phone with the most? This is your team. These are the people assisting you in achieving or not achieving your goals. 

Ask yourself these questions for the people around you?

  1. Do they know what you are trying to achieve and why?
  2. Are they assisting you in anyway to achieve your goals? Ex. Ideas, support, encouragement, funding, etc?

If you answered NO to the 2 questions above, why do you spend so much time with them? Change your circle.

4.  WHERE are you currently as it relates to WHERE you are trying to go (your goals)? Determining this will let you know exactly how far you have to go and how much you have to do before you achieve your desired goal.

5.  HOW will you achieve them? Now that you know WHAT.WHY.WHERE.WHO, you have to determine HOW.

HOW? You have to do the work.

Break your overall goal into categories or sections and break each category or section into tasks and then complete one task at a time.  This will allow the overall goal to appear more attainable because you are now FOCUSED on the smaller tasks.

6.  WHEN will you achieve your goals?  Be sure to set deadlines for the overall goal, then set deadlines for each section and then deadlines for each task. Working backwards to set the overall deadline will help to insure all the tasks are done timely, ultimately allowing you to stay FOCUSED and finish this year off Amazingly!

You have less than 60 DAYS….  Get up and Get FOCUSED CrazyTM

Following One Course Until Success Emerges Definitely

Remember, YOU are AMAZING!!!!   You were made in the image of the CREATOR with ALL that you need to accomplish ALL that you want. HE thought enough of you to make you NOT just a woman BUT an AMAZING WOMAN!

I believe in YOU!