leaderIf you are a woman and you think you are not a leader, think again.  Maybe not like Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton or Anna Tibaijuka but an incredible leader just the same.

The creator gave you an incredible gift of grace and dignity and you navigate thru life having an unforgettable impact on the people around you.  They rely on you for all that you are and all that you give.

Your children rely on you for your strength, courage and disciple.  Your mate relies on you for your encouragement, assistance and support.  Your family and friends rely on you for your compassion, intelligence and love.

You show up to game of life everyday, regardless if you are up for the game or not. You give your children, friends, family and coworkers your all sometimes leaving nothing for yourself. You do it unselfishly, asking for nothing in return.

You run your household and your office with skills that could never be taught in the best universities. You stand up to fear with a fierce feminine power and you walk in an unshakeable faith.

You walk in the footsteps of great and powerful women and everyday you create your legacy with the impact you have on everyone you touch.

You see, the creator understood the importance of your role and gave you the tools you need to lead.  Love, Emotion, Affection, Discipline, Energy Respect. You are an #AmazingWoman and you are a born leader.