It is October 1st and the first day of Positivity Month.  A couple of days ago I wrote about the importance of the last 90 days of the year and how finishing the year strong would change your life.
For every great idea, there as to be a greater plan in order to accomplish it. So what is your great plan? Let me help you with some things you should consider. Some quick and easy strategies I use with my clients, which can help you end the year with a bang!
Let’s Get Serious!
In order to accomplish your goals you have to be serious about it. One of the quickest ways to get serious is by looking at your life if you DON’T accomplish your goals.
What would happen if you don’t accomplish your goals? What do you lose? What will your family lose? How will you feel about you? How important is it to you?
Take a good look at your goals and why you created them in the first place and then you decide if you need to get serious!
Take the time to write out well-defined tasks and deadlines for all that you need to accomplish over the next 90 days. Being able to see them written out, gives you a clear picture of what needs to be done and when. It also allows you to go back and view all that you have accomplished which gives you more motivation to complete the rest of the tasks at hand. Write Write Write Write Writeyour tasks and set deadlines!
Be Unrealistic!
Be unrealistic in your expectations (of yourself and of others), be unrealistic in your goals, be unrealistic in your thoughts and ideas, be unrealistic in what you think you can accomplish in the next 90 days!
You have no idea what you can’t do so with that in mind why are you setting such low expectations, why do you insist in keeping the bar at such a low level. Who told you that you couldn’t accomplish 3 times what you initially wrote for your goals? All of those limitations are set out of fear.
Be unrealistic, have unrealistic expectations and obtain unrealistic results!
Alter your Vocabulary!
For the next 90 days, alter your vocabulary (after that it will be a habit). Remove the phrase “I can’t” totally from your vocabulary! The moment you speak or think the phrase “I can’t”, you have set yourself up to fail. Your mind stops thinking of ways to make it happen, your energy subsides and you begin to operate on a lower vibratory frequency. 
When you focus on “I can” your mind can do and create wonderful things. Say you can, believe you can and you will!
Make everyday count!
For the next 90 days, do something to ensure you reach your goals – everyday!. Remember you have 2 days off. Try to cross off at least one task everyday. Everyday!
There will be days that you are tired, that you want to give up, that you just want to rest. That is when character comes into play. Make a point on those days to do at a minimum of 15 minutes of work toward your goal. Just 15 minutes. It could be the last 15 minutes day or the first 15 minutes of the day but make it a point to commit to doing something (a focused task) everyday.  If you do this, on December 31styou will be absolutely amazed at what you have accomplished.
Regardless of where you are today, regardless of what you haven’t completed, reached or obtained thus far, you know you can do more, accomplish more and finish the year super strong. Commitment and action will get you to the next level. There are only 2 questions left.
Are you committed?
Will you take action?
Here’s to commitment and action!
Crystal Gunn
Your Complete Empowerment Coach