It is the last quarter of the year, time to settle down and move into the holiday season. Time to unwind, relax and reflect on the past year. Maybe think about some things you want to accomplish next year.
Is this your mindset? Is this what you are thinking?
If so, sit tight, keep reading and be prepared for a mindset shift in the next 5 to 10 minutes; a shift that could change the look of your life forever!
Remember the saying “It’s not over until the fat lady sings”? Well she sings on December 31st.
October 1st is just 2 days away. Why is October 1stso significant? Because it gives you 90 days (taking out Thanksgiving and Christmas) to end the year with a bang! To finish strong! To make your mark! To change your life!
If you are like most people, you set goals at the beginning of this year and it is not too late to reach them! It’s not too late! If you are behind where you want to be this year, consider these last 90 days of the year as a now-or-never opportunity to make a difference, redeem yourself and finish strong!
Have you ever watched long distance runners in a track and field event? They ran with a steady pace throughout the race and sprinted the last leg of the race in an effort to have the best time and ultimately win the race.
The next quarter of the year, is your last leg of the race for this year.  It is time for you to break out in a sprint and finish the year off strong!
Don’t Call It A Comeback
Call it redemption if that makes you feel better but what ever you call, recognize that the last 90 days is a time for you make up for what was lost this year.
The Deadline Is…
…fixed. And the best part about a fixed deadline is that it brings about a sense of urgency to get things done. You pay close attention everyday to the actions you are taking to reach your goals. 
Think about it, at work or in school, if you had a deadline, even if you waited until the last minute to get the task or assignment done, you stayed up all night and worked weekends just to be sure you met the deadline.
Get Focused Crazy ™
When you narrow in on your goal because options, time and resources are limited, you become extremely focused on high pay-off activities and interactions that help you reach your goal.
A Vibrational Charge
We are vibrational beings and as you focus in on your goals due to the 90-day deadline, your energy level increases and you start to vibrate on a higher frequency. As a result, you attract other people that are vibrating on a higher frequency and those people are needed to help you reach your goal.
Build Momentum
As you start the next 90 days, and get focused crazy ™ and things start to happen, connections are being made and you start meeting your goals, you get more and more excited. The momentum builds and rolls into next year. You will start off next year on fire and that will set the tone for the rest of the year!
You are such a Character
These last 90 days, of the year, will help to define your character. It gives you an opportunity to do a little soul searching. Since running the distance and finishing strong is all about character, take the last 90 days of this year to redefine your character as determined, motivated, relentless, eager, bold and amazing!
I Double Dare You
There is always a lesson to be learned from children. They can be fearless. Remember when you were a kid and someone dared you to do something like go into the dark basement? You hesitated at first because you were afraid and then they double dared you so you HAD to go into the dark basement.  Remember?
Well, we have 90 days left in the year and I DOUBLE DARE YOU! Double dare you to get focused crazy, double dare you to go after your goals, double dare you to put in the work every day for the next 90 and come out victorious.
Crystal Gunn
Your Complete Empowerment Coach