What do you do when fail or have a problem? Do you complain, throw in the towel or thank God for another opportunity to get it right? Often times, we sit back and wait on someone or something else to provide an answer for our problems, a solution for our failures, a bridge to get over our hurdles but we keep running into those same problems and tripping over the same hurdles.
What if there were no failures, no problems, and no hurdles. Can you imagine a world like that? At first, you probably think “wow that would be great!” But would it?
A world without problems would mean we would never have an opportunity to look at ourselves and become better, stronger and wiser. A world without failures would mean that no one would be forced to start over, think harder or become more creative.  A world without hurdles would mean we would never have to prepare, work harder or try again.
Life is far better as a result of the failures. Why? All are designed to make us think. As a result of thinking, we are blessed with bigger and better ideas. Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times with the light bulb. With each failure came a new idea, a new process and a greater desire for success. How many times are you willing to fail in order to reach success?
Life is better as a result of the problems. Why? Problems give us an opportunity to assess a situation, learn from it and do better the next time. The more we learn from our problems, the possibility of experiencing those same problems, is greatly diminished. Mark Zuckerburg encountered many problems while building his Face Book Empire including the destruction of friendships, lawsuits and ownership battles, but with each problem he has learned more about himself, how to maintain sound relationships and has become a better businessman. What have you learned from your problems?
Life is far better as a result of hurdles. Why? When we overcome the hurdles, we become great. Stevie Wonder has been blind since birth but has released more than 30 number 1 hits and is considered one of the greatest performers who has ever lived. How do you use your hurdles to become great?
Yes, we face failures, have problems and stumble over hurdles all designed to assist us on our journey to greatness. The next time you fail, instead of saying “it’s impossible” say “I’m Possible”, come up with a different idea and try again. The next time a problem arises, instead of saying “why does this keep happening to me”, search for the lesson, take a hard look at YOU and discover what YOU are doing to create the problem and make the necessary changes. The next time you stumble on a hurdle, instead of laying there in defeat, get up, shake it off and then, take a bigger leap of faith. 
With each failure, problem and hurdle, always take the time to thank the Creator and learn all you can, for as a result you are better than you were the day before, stronger and wiser. Never give up, never doubt and never forget the Spirit that resides in you, walks with you. Greater Is He That Is In Me Than He That Is in the World” ~1 John 4:4

Written by Crystal Gunn and first appeared on Crystalized