“There is nothing that wastes the body like worry and one who has any faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever.” ~Ghandi

How many times has worry kept you from a good night sleep; from eating, from enjoying a good night out? How did that worry affect the outcome? Did it make it better or worse?  What did the worrying really get you?

Worry is an unnecessary evil that leads to anxiety and in some cases can make you physically ill. Worrying only causes fear and paralyzes you to inaction.

It affects your daily lifestyle and can lead to harmful lifestyle habits such as excessive eating, smoking and/or drug and alcohol abuse.

When you lack faith, worry seems like the best option. It seems like nothing else is left. It overcomes you and occupies your thought and as a result it becomes your reality and that very thing that you didn’t want to happen is sure to happen.

Look back over those things for which you have worried in the past? How did the worry affect the outcome? How did it affect your life?

As we prepare to embark on the New Year and as we begin to pen our resolutions, add two more. ‘I will not worry, I will keep the faith’.  Strive to make 2012 a worry free year. Change those ‘worry’ thoughts into powerful, faithful, and fearless thoughts and watch how great the outcomes will be.

Make it Amazing!

Crystal Gunn