We are quickly approaching the end of another year. It is important to complete some tasks in order to be ready for the New Year. This list represents 12 things that should be done by the end of the year to get your Personal New Year off to a running start.

  1. Toss it – Go through medications and food and dispose of outdated materials. Be sure to dispose of medications properly.
  2. Family Photo Shoot – Holiday times are a wonderful time of year to take pictures. Update your family photos. Make it a fun family day. Ladies, be sure to have your make up done by a professional.
  3. Safe Keeping – Gather all-important documents such as life insurance policies; store them in a safe place and inform the necessary people of the location.
  4. A Time to Budget – Go through your current year budget and finalize the budget for the upcoming year. Be sure to go over the budget with the family (yes, the kids too). Make sure to set up savings options for all family members. The important thing is to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the finances. Determine which cause/charity you will support in the New Year and determine how much time, money and resources you will allocate.
  5. Own It and Forgive It – Own and forgive yourself for all the mistakes, failures, mishaps and bad judgments. They are all now in the past – leave them there where they belong.  Forgive those individuals from which you are estranged. You may not have the same relationship with them as before and that is okay. The purpose is to forgive, heal and move on.
  6. Life List – Update your Life List with things you would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. Create a plan of action to ensure you experience those things.
  7. Email Update – Get rid of accounts that have continuously bounced back. Send out an email requesting updated information from friends and family.  Include any of your updates in the outgoing email.   Be sure to unsubscribe to anything that you are not reading. Create folders to store emails that you want to keep.
  8. Clean Out and Backup – Go through your computer files and delete unwanted documents, consolidate folders, clear the desktop of clutter. Try to do a backup monthly to ensure that you don’t lose vital information.
  9. Shred It – Scan this year’s invoices, statements, receipts, etc. and shred the original. For those must have originals, scan and store in one place and be sure that key people are aware of the location.  Try to do this on a monthly basis. This will save space.
  10. It’s Tax Time– Gather all the information you will need to send to the tax preparer. W2 and 1099 information must be mailed by January 31st so with all documents together, it will be an easy transfer to your tax preparer.
  11. Create and Organize – Print out all of the photos from this pass year. Organize them. Create scrapbooks and photo albums. Do this as a family project at which time you can relive those wonderful events.
  12. Celebrate – Take a look back over the past year and recognize all that you have accomplished and all that you have overcome. If you do not celebrate your achievements, the values you have gained will be lost and the importance will become extinct. Celebrate that success.

Remember, what ever you do; Make it Amazing!!