Persistence is defined as the firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of, In Spite Of, IN SPITE OF difficulty or opposition. As you set your sights on a goal to accomplish, it never fails, something will try to slow you down, discourage you or make you quit. Well, I have a surprise for you; that is exactly what is supposed to happen. Why? So that you can use those distractions as stepping stones to greatness.

Whatever is thrown your way; look at it and determine how that obstacle can assist you in reaching your goal; how can overcoming that obstacle make you better? No matter what, never give up, keep going and stay persistent.

What do you get with persistence? A goal accomplished, a boost to your self esteem, empowerment and freedom. Persistence is the answer and it always pays off. Who wins the battle between the rock and the stream? The stream because he never stop, never gives up and over time will wear the rock into non existence.

Stay the course, stay persistent and accomplish much.

Make it Amazing